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The goal is to have the game run smoothly on as many devices as possible, regardless of hardware and operating system, by keeping it lightweight and cross-platform. It's designed to work right from any modern web-browser, Google Chrome being the recommended choice. Ancient Beast is developed using only native languages and web technologies, totally avoiding the need of installing any binaries or plug-ins. Also, every single asset of the website and of the game itself is carefully optimized in order to save time, bandwidth, disk space and memory.
However, there will be binaries available for android / iOS devices in order to save bandwidth and speed up the game when we're talking slow internet speed, but also allowing for offline play as well.
//casual (touch screen) vs hardcore (mouse + keyboard), no time limit or long turns vs very short / fast turns

The game was carefully designed to be playable with pretty much any modern or future device / controller.
//explain why it's nicely design
//and how each input device works
mouse - you don't even need to click any of the UI in order to play fast
keyboard - the game is fully playable with just hotkeys, even if lacking a mouse
(combination) - when playing from a desktop PC, it's ideal to have a mouse + keyboard combo
gamepad - one having a d-pad ideally, since it will help a lot targeting stuff on the hex grid
touchscreen (monitor, smart TV, Microsoft Surface) - the game was designed with them in mind, so the interface is very touch friendly, same goes for the gameplay
smartphone - mainly being used as a controller (in the future, for playing AB directly as well, requires optimizations, panning/zooming, bigger screen/phablet = better, also resolution tweaks, gameplay somewhat too long for phone compared to casual games) for when playing on a smart TV in Arcade mode, especially along with other people, as it makes it easy to log-in all the players if having the controller app preinstalled

voice commands - easy targeting because of the grid coordinate system, similar to chess, if the desktop or smart TV is missing a microphone, this input method could be executed from the smartphone app
hand gestures - there are already smart TVs that replaced the remote as the main interaction mode, removing it completely, so that you won't have to remember where you put it anymore
mind control - control the game in a similar fashion to how Dark Priests control their unit using their Psyhelmets, by using a mind control helmet that reads certain brain waves and associates them to specific in-game actions
Augmented Reality (seeing the units in front of you and moving them with your hands)
Virtual Reality (being on the combat field yourself)