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This article is meant to provide a detailed view on the project by providing information about the game design elements along with thoughts regarding various design decissions and at times even technical information.
You can think of it as the game's manual. It can serve both players who want to know more in-depth details about the game's mechanics or possible contributors who wish to better understand the whole mindset.

Some might argue that the chess of the future is... chess, but I think it's been around for too long and besides having a lot of design flaws, it doesn't do too well with current trends anymore and things will get even worse. I want Ancient Beast to spread like a virus and be the chess of the future: basically the default way of battling someone virtually by using strategy while not having to deal with any chance based factors or game elements.

The perfect esport. The game is very accessible and playable for free, without enforcing any Pay-to-Play or Pay-to-Win elements, as I personally hate such shovelware games that try to milk whales while also making all the common players feel handicaped. The video game industry is in a very dark place at the moment and I want to break the mold. Development takes a huge about of time and requires wearing lots of hats, so I can't do it alone.

The code and the assets are open source and even if you can't draw or program, there are lots of other ways you can contribute, like donating money, providing feedback or simply spreading out the word especially considering that marketing is damn expensive and we don't have a real budget. I'm also not too happy with the free graphical resources you can find online, so we're generating high quality content that can be used in other projects, Ancient Beast basically being the reverse of Super Smash Bros Brawl, having lots of original characters that are constantly showing up in other cool games, some which might hopefully be even yours.

Everything has a duality. I'm not a religious person but I believe in Him and I came to the conclussion that God and the Devil are the same person, two sides of the same coin. And it is said that He created us in His image, meaning we're capable of both good and evil. And the same goes for everything we make as well. Every single invention that benefit the human kind also lead to suffering and massacres. Now we face a new era, the 3rd industrial revolution, thanks to 3d printers, which allow us to make pretty much anything we can image, house hold objects, action figures, chess pieces, weapons, vehicles, buildings, organs and now even living creatures. We are living in a fantasy world where anything is possible. The average person has a lot of power in his hands, but not enough wisdom to put it to good use. Not a very comfortable thought for a good night's sleep, is it?

I've always preferred multiplayer games that have high replayability rather then playing a lot of games that only revolve around the single player modes. I don't really bother playing the latest and "greatest" AAA titles out there, but I constantly research game design and study a lot of game titles in various ways, like watching Let's Plays, watching buddies play them or reading / watching reviews. I've played quite a bit of turn based strategy games, mobas, beat'em'ups, shooters and real time strategies over the years. Even if my favorite platform was essentially the NES, these types of games except beat'em'ups and tbs' don't really cut it on it (or being played with game pads), but I kinda felt that some of them lacked a bit of soul since they were less about bringing people physically together, to play face-to-face, except for Chess, which on the other hand, feels rather dull and outdated when being played on a device, even a missuse of modern hardware if you ask me, which applies to a lot of Collectible / Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG), usually played by old people in parks, while online you tend to not even see your opponent's face, chances being you're actually not playing against a real person, but a bot pretending to be one. HoMM3, Disciples 2, Dota, Age of Wonders 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Chess