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Plasma Points
Empty Unit

You can acquire our currency in order to be able to make various purchases around easier.
Payments are done either via PayPal which accepts credit/debit cards or by using Bitcoins.
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400 plasma points800 plasma points2000 plasma points4000 plasma points8000 plasma points
$5 ~ 0.02 bitcoins$10 ~ 0.04 bitcoins$25 ~ 0.11 bitcoins$50 ~ 0.21 bitcoins$100 ~ 0.42 bitcoins

Select the amount of plasma points you wish to purchase
Monthly Subscription
Freemium User

Support the project while removing website and in-game ads and gaining access to a lot of exciting new features and game modes, such as Trivia, Common, Rush, Sinner and more. You'll be able to play the game online with friends against random players via matchmaking.
Most importantly, you'll unlock the Ladder mode, where top players earn big prizes monthly.
Unit Packs
Ladder Mode

While playing in the online ladder mode, you might find yourself needing more units if you're constantly suffering losses and your current dwellings don't cover your minimum needs. Buying a few unit packs to replenish your forces will sure come in handy in your next battle.